Get immense coverage and higher speed with TP-Link AC1900

Opens the world of high productivity gaming and 4K HD video streaming for you.
The never lagging performance over dual bands is obliged to beamforming technology.
The ability to focus Wi-Fi towards surrounding devices results in superior coverage.
The intuitive Touchscreen Options make it a sheer joy to set the device up and manage your network.

Latest Customer Reviews

“it’s well-priced”
Rating (4 out of 5)
By Michael K. Anthony on September 24, 2016
It's definitely not the most powerful wireless network tool at a distance. But it’s well-priced and useful too, so it deserves to be had on my desk. In my new bigger home, it’s just what I need to have everything connected.
“Fantastic screen and interface”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Alvin Douglass on January 04, 2016
The best of blazingly fast routers in the market presently... Boy, is this thing powerful! I was enslaved by its fantastic screen and interface when I first saw it but now when I bought it, the dev simply rocks!.

With the advanced techno filing of this Dual Band Gigabit router, it is now possible to create an ultrafast home network that handles all your devices’ broadband internet connections. The Wi-Fi AC technology provides wireless broadband connectivity coming right from the future and significantly increases the speed and coverage of the provided network. Today, nothing hinders you from transmitting favorite high-definition videos, making calls over the Internet and surfing the net without the slightest interruptions from any corner of your home. External super-high gain antennas produce powerful signal reaching the farthest nooks and crannies of your home, providing a pleasurable quality connection anywhere. The Gigabit Ethernet ports guarantee high-speed wired connections for up to four personal computers or other devices. The most consuming tasks are carried out smoothly and effectively, thanks to the 5 GHz band. At the same time, other network routine tasks such as sending emails or Internet browsing are carefully supported by the 2.4 GHz band. This router works with full devotion to the two pillars of your network – and this results in true flexibility and efficiency.

Use smart setups to secure your network

Once on, the router’s software prompts you to set an administrator password along with your region set-ups. Name your SSID for further effortless access and create strong passwords for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The system also allows you to make use of the guest access options – in that case, the user can opt for receiving new passwords at various intervals. The option works in daily mode by default and the password chosen for the day shows on the screen. By selecting one of the three modes: router, repeater or access mode, you can see who connects to your router, change the settings or block anyone from using your network connection from any computer, tablet or phone connected to the Internet. Parents can monitor websites visited by their children and stay informed – be in control all the time!

Have all your data at your fingertips

Connect a USB storage device and get the most from sharing documents, movies, images and music with iOS / Android mobile devices – or any other you can think of! Keep your music library on a USB drive to share instantly with anyone in your home. Super-fast two-way streaming won’t leave a single user disappointed: enjoy a movie on your tablet while a family member is viewing photos in the adjacent room. Your media files now are safely stored in their places when offline and can be moved in a flash between multiple storing devices when the router is on.

The device is powered with the latest wireless technology Wi-Fi AC, which cranks up a transfer rate of up to 1.9 Gbps (1300 + 600 Mbps). Speaking precisely, the router combines wireless 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands making the dual band concurrent technology even more pleasurably perceptible. Armed with three external antennas, the user benefits from simultaneous possibilities to surf the net, chat and use e-mail through the 2.4 GHz frequency band with transferring multimedia content, gaming online and making HD video-calls over the Internet using the 5 GHz band. Prioritize what is essential for you, such as movies and online gaming traffic; the device’s functionality permits the user to distribute the data load smartly between the two bands, whereas the regulation of broadcasting time ensures equal wireless supply for all clients in the network.

Pros and Cons

Superb interface and touch screen.
It’s the flavor that has a functional beauty to it. The touch-screen controls allow you to get network connections managed in the twinkling of an eye.
Forget about the interference from other devices.
Using the double band advantage and armed with 1Ghz Dual-Core processor, this routing monster will transfer the hugest load of data like a feather.
Beamforming technology and three-in-one mode.
Just turn the router on and watch it providing all your devices with a firm connection that never freezes or hangs.
Price could not be that great.
It’s undoubtedly not the cheapest gimmick-loaded router in the market. It is worth its price, of course – if you seek outstanding productivity, but not otherwise.
Limping lower band performance.
The inability to work appropriately with both bands is the blemish of all DB routers, and this TP-Link couldn’t escape it as well.

Unprecedentedly easy setup and use

The intuitive interface reminds you of that of iPhone – not only in its appearance, but in functionality as well. It allows everyone in your house to connect immediately; with no more than a finger touch, the entire home network functions without hiccups. Do not be afraid to push the router to the limits: be you an owner of several game consoles, cellphones, tablets, and PC’s, this modern tool can take all these without a squeak. It even allows you to add an external HDD to the back of the device, this way, letting your family have extended access to the media shared.

Overall, TP-Link AC1900 Wireless Router for sure is not a standard fare, as, for your money, you get:

  1. Smartly responsive touchscreen display allowing you to get the network parameters managed at the drop of a hat;
  2. An opportunity to apply the most powerful Wi-Fi technology to date – upgrade your networks to 802.11ac!
  3. An opportunity to forget what it means to be worried about 24/7 technical support and 2-year warranty;
  4. Blazing fast Wi-Fi over the set of 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands: say chiao to online gaming lags and freezing 4K HD video streaming;
  5. Multiple task 1GHz dual-core processor: everything can be handled at once;
  6. The technology of the future: prepare your Wi-Fi devices to form amazingly strong connections by even more effective signal focusing;
  7. New file-managing opportunities combining USB 3.0/2.0 port powers with the fast-paced sharing of files, videos, photos and music limitlessly across your network.
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